As of January 1, 2017 the fees of Tax Map Verification Letter will be $355

Click Here for Information on the New Local Law Verification of Tax Map

If you are seeking a Tax Map Verification Letter for a newly apportioned parcel, please contact Nassau County Assessment at NCTaxmapverification@nassaucountyny.gov for assistance.

To have ACH enabled on your account(s) please fill out and return the following form: ACH Request Form

Tax Map Verification Letter Request


The terms of this transaction are nonrefundable. No refunds are given for errors in ordering. Please ensure that the Section/Block/Lot and Unit Number, if applicable, which you have looked up has been properly entered. Please ensure that you are ordering the correct quantity needed. Please ensure that the Section/Block and Lot number are current and have not changed due to change order or apportionment. Once payment has been processed for the Tax Map Verification letter(s,) no changes can be made and no refunds will be granted. All sales are final.
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